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New Chakra Healing Jewelry on Etsy

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Lots of new Chakra Healing Jewelry in my Etsy shop this week ~ I’d love for you to stop by and browse through the colorful designs…  
Enjoy & many blessings!! 

Chakra Healing Jewelry by Indie Wolf on Etsy

Chakra Healing Lotus Necklace

Chakra Healing Om Bracelet

Chakra Healing Earrings – Spiral Hand

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Chakra Healing Bracelet - natural stonesMy Chakra Healing Bracelet is featured in a lovely Etsy treasury by AeroGirlDesigns ~ enjoy!
‘Crystal Light.’ by AeroGirlDesigns
"I think natural crystals and stones are pretty. I think I was a geologist in another life..."

Chakra Healing Crystal …


Silver and Pink Botswan…


Green Tourmaline Wire W…


Smokey Quartz Wand for …


24KT Gold Plated Aqua A…


Tears of Blood. Sterlin…


Chakra pendant with nat…




Customized Healing Crys…


Unakite and Copper Wire…


Violet Flame St Germain…


Awesome Aragonite cryst…


Mubin. Kyanite Necklace…


quartz shard earrings


108 Gemstone Chakra Pra…


Red Moss Agate Cabochon…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Chakra Healing Crystal Dragonfly necklace

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I’ve been so inspired by my work with the Chakra system lately ~ and by the feedback from those who have purchased items from my line of Chakra Healing Jewelry ~ that designs are appearing in my dreams now!
To be honest, I came to love this necklace so much while I was creating it, that it was going to be a “keeper” ~ one that I could wear myself rather than listing it on Etsy ~ and yet I keep getting the message that it is meant for someone else…maybe you?!
Update: this necklace has sold! To see what is new, visit my section of Chakra Healing Jewelry on Etsy
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Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet

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I have been immersed in the study and practice of a variety of natural and holistic healing methods for many years, and one that I have always deeply resonated with is that of working with the chakras.
About 10 years ago I began designing jewelry to complement the healing work I was doing with others in aligning and harmonizing the chakra system.  I love working with all of the powerful gemstones, the vibrant colors and creating tools for remembering your inner power and grace!  To keep it fresh, I look for different sizes and styles of stones, different stones in the appropriate colors, and new ways to honor them in designing pieces that are beautiful, powerful and a delight to wear!
  You can find this bracelet and related items here:
Chakra Healing Crystal Jewelry by IndieWolf on Etsy
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